About the Company

A Message from Our President

For over 60 years EPS Literacy and Intervention has been the leader in developing and publishing programs to help struggling students, including those with dyslexia and other reading difficulties, as well as providing materials that support on-level students so they can continue to meet their goals.

Today EPS continues this mission by providing K-12 blended Customized Intervention Solutions to help at-risk and on-level students build proficiency in reading and math. Our programs connect time-tested content and innovation to give educators the power of differentiation to reach all of their students and meet the changing demands of today's classrooms. From screening through to intervention, progress monitoring, reporting and professional development, we offer an integrated approach to address the Common Core State Standards and Response to Intervention (RTI).

As we move forward we will continue to bring innovative solutions to the classroom using the power of the latest technology and research proven instructional methods.


Company Timeline



Robert G. Hall becomes dean/director of the Manter Hall School, across the street from Harvard University


Robert G. Hall establishes Educators Publishing Service (EPS). EPS begins printing materials used by the Manter Hall School’s summer program. The first titles released were A Vocabulary Builder Series and English Review Series.


Robert G. Hall, and his wife Eleanor, become early members of the Orton Dyslexia Society (ODS), now the International Dyslexia Association


EPS is incorporated


EPS takes over publishing and distribution of The Gillingham Manual and associated materials


Wordly Wise is published


Robert G. Hall is instrumental in the formation of the Massachusetts chapter of the International Dyslexia Association


Explode The Code and Primary Phonics are published


Foundational research published for AutoSkill reading program


Longitudinal study published demonstrating efficacy of AutoSkill reading program. AutoSkill International is incorporated.


AutoSkill launches Component Reading Subskills Program and AutoSkill Math Program


AutoSkill launches Academy of READING v1.0


Wordly Wise 3000 1st Edition is published

Jun 2002

The Hall family sells EPS to Delta Education, Nashua, NH

Oct 2002

Touchphonics Reading Systems is acquired

Jul 2003

S.P.I.R.E. is acquired

Aug 2003

Modern Learning Press, the publisher of Words I Use When I Write and other journals, is acquired


AutoSkill launches Academy of READING v5 on a Web-based platform

Mar 2004

S.P.I.R.E. 2nd Edition is published


AutoSkill launches Academy of MATH v5 on a Web-based platform

Aug 2005

Delta Education, including Educators Publishing Service, is acquired by School Specialty, Inc.


AutoSkill launches Oral Reading Fluency module for Academy of READING

Mar 2006

Making Connections is published

Jan 2007

Wordly Wise 3000 2nd Edition is published

Aug 2007

Explode The Code Online launched

Dec 2007

Sitton Spelling and Word Skills is acquired

Jan 2008

MCI is published

Jul 2008

RTI Package for Academy of READING released

Aug 2009

AutoSkill International, developer of Academy of READING and Academy of MATH is acquired


S.P.I.R.E. 3rd Edition is published


Wordly Wise 3000 3rd Edition is published
Wordly Wise 3000 Online launched
MCI Online launched
Path Driver for Reading and Path Driver for Math launched


EPS partners with MathCoach Interactive