EPS Literacy and Intervention Unveils Major Upgrade to Path Driver for Reading at FETC 2013

Powerful Online System for Reading Screening and Intervention Expands Assessments for Oral Reading Fluency and Comprehension; Available for Grades K-10

ORLANDO - Jan. 31, 2013 - Today at FETC 2013, EPS Literacy and Intervention, a division of School Specialty, unveiled a major update to Path Driver for Reading™, making it an even more powerful system for screening and identifying students in grades K-10 who are at risk of falling behind in developing critical literacy skills. Path Driver for Reading offers research-based tests for universal screening and progress monitoring in a centrally managed online environment that allows administrators to implement a consistent assessment program across their districts.

Path Driver for Reading provides highly reliable and accurate general outcome measures that offer schools a proven mechanism for early intervention with students who are reading below state and Common Core grade level standards. This upgrade to Path Driver for Reading includes 90 new and updated Oral Reading Fluency (ORF) passages for universal screening in grades 1-10 and 240 updated and lengthened ORF passages for progress monitoring in grades 1-8. In addition, the system now includes 351 new Maze tests with automated scoring. Oral Reading Fluency and Maze tests are the most recognized and accurate method for assessing reading proficiency, for screening and progress monitoring in grades 1-10. All ORF passage and Maze tests have been measured by The Lexile® Framework for Reading.

The newly released upgrade also features an improved user experience for students with Universal Design features, short, focused tasks and audio support in both English and Spanish. Teachers can now view all Path Driver for Reading reports, scheduling tools and case history screens from iPads and other tablet devices. Early literacy tests for K-1 can be downloaded from the convenient online Resource Center.

Path Driver for Reading allows teachers to quickly administer assessments. Its timed test can be implemented in under 15 minutes for screening and in less than five minutes for progress monitoring. Students can take tests simultaneously in labs or back of classroom environments. Automated scoring for Maze tests allows teacher to access results immediately.

"For more than 60 years, EPS has been a trusted partner of educators around the country as they help their students develop the literacy skills requisite for success in school and in life," said Rick Holden, President, EPS Literacy and Intervention, a division of School Specialty. "Path Driver for Reading combines the best of research with technology innovation to provide schools around the country with proven tools for measuring student reading proficiency and ensuring that all students are on track to meet and exceed new and rigorous learning goals, such as the Common Core State Standards."

EPS Literacy and Intervention, in collaboration with widely recognized author and RTI consultant Dr. John McCook, conducted a year-long research study during the 2010-11 school-year to determine the efficacy of the Path Driver for Reading assessments. The study with 2,500 students from around the country confirmed that Path Driver for Reading is proven to help schools improve student achievement when used in conjunction with the Academy of READING®.

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