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EPS eBooks is a digital library that features hundreds of leveled and decodable books in a variety of genres.

EPS eBooks

The library can be used for independent reading or to supplement your existing reading and phonics curriculum. Readers engage with EPS eBooks by highlighting, leaving notes, and using a virtual pen to mark the text. Educators are able to create an individualized eBook reading list for each student. Many books in the EPS eBooks library include expressive audio recordings with real-time word highlighting.

Books from the following series are included in the EPS eBooks library:

  • S.P.I.R.E.®
  • Primary Phonics®
  • The Alphabet Series
  • EPS Phonics PLUS®
  • Handprints
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A robust library of fiction and nonfiction illustrated decodable readers. This extensive library covers topics in science, social studies, and literature.

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Primary Phonics
Easy-to-decode stories nurture early literacy development and build new readers' confidence. The readers are proven to promote fluency for beginning readers.

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The Alphabet Series
Illustrated decodable readers allow students to apply phonics skills to text and develop fluency and comprehension.

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EPS Phonics PLUS
A variety of nonfiction and fiction texts reinforce phonics skills and provide practice with comprehension and sight words.

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A classroom-tested comprehensive leveled library for early readers. Covering fiction and nonfiction, this collection engages beginning readers as they develop sight words recognition and build fluency and comprehension skills.

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DeltaScience eContentReaders
Tying literacy to Life, Earth and Physical Sciences Delta Science eContent Readers are engaging nonfiction student readers that explore the central themes of Life, Earth, and Physical Science.

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