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Purchase Order Account Registration

School Specialty Literacy and Intervention is pleased to offer schools and districts the option of placing online orders using a Purchase Order (PO). Now you can research and select your materials on, and place your order immediately after your account is approved!


Here’s how online PO accounts work:

  1. Register your school/district. In addition, you may register up to 10 Authorized Users. (If you are registering as a district the district must allow for the use of online PO accounts and the account must be created and administered by someone at the district level.)
  2. You will receive an account approval e-mail from our Customer Service department within 2 business days. Your Authorized Users will also receive an e-mail asking them to activate their account.
  3. Start purchasing! During check out, simply provide your PO number, e-mail address & password, then choose your shipping address & method and place your order—no need to re-enter your info every time you order! Your Authorized Users can place orders the same way.


If you have any questions about online PO accounts, please contact Customer Service.

Purchase Order
Terms & Conditions

  • The Account Manager named herein is solely responsible for maintaining all information contained in this online purchase order (hereby termed PO) account.
  • The Account Manager is solely responsible for adding, changing, and deleting other Authorized Users.
  • School Specialty Intervention holds no responsibility for orders placed by either the Account Manager or other Authorized User.
  • In submitting POs via the site, you are agreeing that all material purchased has received purchase approval. Approval must be granted at the district level if billing a district.
  • In submitting orders through this online system, you are verifying that there are funds available to pay all invoices in full.
  • In submitting orders through this online system, you are verifying that all of the account information entered is accurate and valid. This includes but is not limited to billing address, shipping address, PO number, recipient of the material, etc. If any information needs to be updated, the Account Manager is responsible for this.
  • Shipping and handling charges will be added to all orders. Shipping charges other than standard may vary from what is displayed.
  • Please note that if not tax exempt, your local tax rate will be applied on your invoice.
  • All accounts are subject to credit approval. A credit line will be established by the School Specialty Intervention Accounts Receivable Department on an order by order basis.
  • The information you provide for your Account is governed by our Privacy Policy.
  • Online purchase order accounts are available for US-based schools only.