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Clues to Meaning

Grades K–2

By: Ann L. Staman

This series teaches beginning readers to use the sounds of letters as one strategy among many in learning to read. Exercises are carefully chosen to ensure practice in decoding and encoding in a logical sequence; most of the activities apply phonetic knowledge to reading for a purpose.

All books in the series encourage the reader to use semantic and syntactic clues as well as sounds to decipher unknown words. Students match words to pictures, fill in missing words, do crossword puzzles and acrostics, categorize, think about sounds and meanings when completing patterns, find particular phonemes in trade books, and complete sentences as well as write them.

Children learn phonetic elements and apply that knowledge by categorizing (phonetic as well as semantic), predicting and completing sentence patterns, completing journal entries, solving acrostics, solving crossword puzzles, solving riddles, mysteries, treasure hunts, reading pull-out storybooks, and using prefixes, suffixes, and root words.

Pricing for Clues to Meaning

Item #
Grade Range
1–5 6+
2271-W1 Clues to Meaning A
1–5 pricing: 9.00
6+ pricing: 6.30
Clues to Meaning A

Book A teaches initial, medial, and final consonants.

K–1 9.00 6.30
2272-W1 Clues to Meaning B
1–5 pricing: 14.90
6+ pricing: 10.45
Clues to Meaning B

Book B teaches short vowels.

1–1 14.90 10.45
2273-W1 Clues to Meaning C
1–5 pricing: 13.10
6+ pricing: 9.20
Clues to Meaning C

Book C teaches blends and consonant digraphs.

1–2 13.10 9.20
2274-W1 Clues to Meaning D
1–5 pricing: 14.90
6+ pricing: 10.45
Clues to Meaning D

Book D teaches long vowels.

1–2 14.90 10.45
2275-W1 Clues to Meaning E
1–5 pricing: 15.45
6+ pricing: 10.85
Clues to Meaning E

Book E teaches digraphs, diphthongs, affixes and base words, and the sounds of y and -le words.

2–2 15.45 10.85
Total $0.00

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