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Common Core State Standards:

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Dynamic, online instruction that increases content-area vocabulary
Grades 4–8

Common Core State Standards

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Wordly Wise Science & Social Studies™ is the only online
vocabulary program of its kind.

Dynamic interactive instruction is designed specifically for students who struggle with the specialized vocabulary of Social Studies and Science. Accessible on-level vocabulary for grades 4–8 helps students improve their comprehension of content-area texts and close the achievement gap.

  • Data & Instruction
  • Management & Reporting
  • Student Lessons
  • Teacher Resources

Data & Instruction

Built-in diagnostics and real-time progress monitoring enable personalized learning while giving teachers detailed data to differentiate instruction.

  • Dynamic learning - responsive technology adapts to student performance
  • Ongoing diagnostics - system captures detailed data on vocabulary mastery

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Management & Reporting

Browser-based delivery and convenient dashboard access provide administrators, teachers, and IT staff with powerful tools to manage their implementation.

  • Easy access - Browser-based delivery from a central server enables easy access by students anywhere on the school or district network.
  • Centralized management - Program administrators can track use and progress across all classes, while server or hosted deployment simplifies ongoing maintenance.

Student Lessons

Interactive lessons engage students and are designed to promote success.

Each ten-word lesson is built around a topic covered in that grade level (4–8) and follows a consistent format. While the topics and words are on level, readability is two grades lower, allowing students who struggle to access material at their own level.

Each activity provides immediate feedback that coaches students toward the correct answer. Engaging lessons give students multiple exposures to each word, leading to long-term retention. Audio support provides extra scaffolding.

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Teacher Resources

Teacher materials provided in the online Teacher Resource area include:

  • Instructional support and strategies
  • Enrichment and extension activities
  • Word cards
  • Graphic organizers

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Pricing for Wordly Wise Science and Social Studies™

Item #
Grade Range
1–5 6+
8000-W1 Wordly Wise Science & Social Studies
12-month subscription
Special Pricing ?
Qty Price
25–99 $10.00
100–199 $8.00
200+ Contact Sales Consultant
Total $0.00

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