Fits RTI Tiers Tiers 2-3

Grades 2–12

By: Dr. Christina Fiedorowicz, Dr. Ronald Trites
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Proven to Raise Achievement for Your Struggling Students

Academy of MATH® is an intensive, online intervention program for students struggling with math.

This dynamic program uses systematic instruction that begins with simple concepts and moves to more complex skills. Ongoing assessment and progress monitoring provide robust data to inform instruction and show students' progress.

Help students make permanent gains with

Research-proven curricula that develop procedural fluency
Real-time, formative data that drives instruction
Personalized instruction that gives every student exactly what they need
Dynamic learning platform that motivates reluctant students
Flexible pacing that fits into a variety of schedules: 30 minutes, 3–5 days per week
Research Efficacy: Westwood Elementary School Manchester, Tenessee

Graph showing nearly double the GLE gains

Students who used the Academy of Math achieved nearly double the GLE gains than the randomly assigned control group

Build Foundational Skills

Academy of MATH breaks complex math tasks into manageable pieces. Students learn using a structured and sequential approach, as they acquire skills one by one. These skills will help them tackle the increasingly challenging content they will encounter in school and on assessments.

  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking develops number and operational sense in a way that fosters algebraic thinking.
  • Number and Operations in Base Ten uses place value to develop computational strategies in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • Number and Operations – Fractions expands students' computational strategies to include fractions and decimals.
  • Measurement and Data reinforces students' number and operation skills while they learn to work with measurement units for attributes such as length, area, volume, capacity, weight/mass, angles, time, temperature, and money.
  • Geometry develops a strong foundationin geometric concepts moving from simple to complex.

  • Student Experience
  • Teacher Experience

Student Experience

Academy of MATH gives each student individualized instruction based on real-time formative data. Assessment and progress monitoring tools create goals and give each student a personalized learning plan. The dynamic learning environment provides positive feedback, and coaching, to motivate even the most reluctant students.

   Support in Spanish!

Personalized Learning Experience

  • Placement Test – Automated and adaptive tests create individual lesson plans
  • Tutorial – Engaging tutorials provide concrete examples to introduce new skills
  • Practice – Fun activities allow students to practice new skills
  • Train – Dynamic exercises develop student skills to the point of mastery

Tutorials provide students with a clear example of the target skill
Academy of Math Screen shot, Tens
Academy of Math Screen shot, Tens

Activities help students work with the new skill until it is mastered

Academy of Math Screen shot, Carrots  Academy of Math Screen shot, Number Sense

Adaptive Practice and Training activities ensure a
strong number sense foundation

Motivate Your Students!

The new student materials in the Academy of MATH Directory of Resources can be used by teachers to help support and enhance students' focus and motivation while working in the program. Key resources such as Grid Paper, Note-Taking Page, Place-value charts, measurement equivalencies, and formulas are readily available.

Additionally, with My Skills Mastery chart and the Class Skills Mastery chart students take responsibility for tracking their work, and teachers can keep a visual representation of the class's progress posted in the classroom!

There are many incentives to motivate students as they progress through the Academy of MATH

Academy of Math Worksheet
Academy of Math For The Student
Academy of Math Certificate

Teacher Experience

Teachers can access student- ad class-level data. Real-time reports allow teachers to monitor students progress and intervene quickly for students who may still be stuggling.

Administrators can view performance at the school and district level to easily monitor each school's progress towards its goal and document student gains.

Meeting Math Objectives Meeting Math Objectives
School snapshot report

Pricing for Academy of MATH®

Item # Item Price
1429302054 Academy of MATH

$60 per named student
50 user minimum

$3000 minimum per school
Professional Development required.

1429303816 Headphones (recommended) $20 per headset

Additional pricing options available, for information contact your sales consultant.

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