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Sample Lessons

Grades 2–12

By: Dr. Christina Fiedorowicz, Dr. Ronald Trites

Academy of READING® is an intensive, online intervention program for struggling readers. This dynamic program instructs students in the five critical areas of reading – Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension. Ongoing assessment and progress monitoring provide robust data to inform instruction and show students’ reading progress.

An Effective Intervention

  • Dynamic, personalized learning plans
  • Real-time, formative data displayed in convenient, easy-to-read reports
  • Proven to generate significant gains in just 30 minutes per day, 3-5 time per week

Research Proven

Students who used Academy of READING achieved nearly three times greater gains than students who did not use the program!
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A variety of age appropriate
interfaces engage students
of all ages.
  • Foundational Skills
    & Automaticity
  • Student
  • Teacher
  • Administrator
  • Customer
    Success Stories

Foundational Skills & Automaticity

Academy of READING breaks the complex task of reading into manageable pieces. Students learn using a structured and sequential approach, increasing their automaticity and building higher order comprehension skills. These skills will help them tackle increasingly challenging content and become on-level readers, meeting Common Core goals.

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Phonemic Awareness
Students identify rhyming words and isolate, blend, and segment individual phonemes.

Exercises address letter-sound correspondence, short and long vowel sounds, consonant and vowel blends, diphthongs, spelling conventions, and word building.

Essential automaticity-building exercises that focus on the speed and accuracy of word recognition significantly aid fluency and comprehension of connected texts. Passages offer multiple opportunities for silent and oral reading fluency practice.

Students expand their general academic and domain-specific vocabulary knowledge by answering comprehension passage questions about the meaning of words in context. They also improve their vocabulary and reference skills by clicking on preselected words for definitions and pronunciation.

Comprehension exercises help students build silent reading fluency as they improve retention and comprehension of written text. The high-interest reading passages cover a variety of genres, and questions assess students’ ability to identify the main idea, understand relationships, make inferences, distinguish specific facts and details, and identify author’s purpose.

Student Experience

Academy of READING gives each student individualized instruction based on real-time formative data. Assessment and progress monitoring tools create goals and give each student a personalized learning plan. Our dynamic learning environment provides positive feedback and coaching, motivating even the most reluctant students.

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Personalized Learning Experience

Placement Test
Automated and adaptive tests create individual lesson plans.

Engaging tutorials provide concrete examples to introduce new skills.

Fun activities allow students to practice new skills.

Dynamic exercises develop students’ skills to the point of mastery.

Certificates, trophies, and encouragement and feedback from instructional guides keep students engaged in developing their reading skills.

Students can see their assignments, review instructional videos, and keep track of their overall progress in the Student Locker

Teacher Experience

Teachers are key to the success of the Academy of READING. Their role is to facilitate student learning, provide encouragement, and focus on students who are struggling in specific areas. The Academy Management System provides teachers with tools to analyze data and provide differentiated instruction to students who need their help the most.

Monitoring Student Progress
The Class Training Monitor page allows teachers to see how students are progressing in their aquisition of skill. Visual indicators make it easy to see which students are doing well, struggling, or in need of one-on-one teacher time.

Analyze Data
Teaches can use information from a student’s error list to identify error patterns and provide additional instruction to help the student master the skill.

Report on Progress and Gains
Graphical reports make it easy for teachers to monitor progress and view gains at a student or class level.

Administrator Experience

Real-time, web-based reports allow administrators to easily monitor each school’s progress toward their goals — from anywhere on the network. Administrators can monitor that fidelity requirements are being met and track student performance at the district and school levels.

Tracking Usage Fidelity
Usage targets are identified during the planning stage to ensure that students realize permanent gains in reading and that schools meet fidelity requirements. Reports make it easy to see which schools and classes are meeting the weekly target set for time on task.

Report on Progress and Gains
Graphical reports make it easy to see the change in students reading proficiency from pre- to the post-test.

Customer Success Stories

Students using Academy of READING are making significant and permanent gains in their reading skills. For many students who have experienced frustration year after year, this is the first time they are experiencing success. The new found confidence these students feel spills over into other subjects and in their behavior and attitude in the classroom.

Pricing for Academy of READING®

Item # Item Price
1429302089 Academy of READING
12-month subscription

$60 per named student
50 user minimum

$3000 minimum per school
Professional Development required.

1429302658 Headphones with Microphone (recommended) $30 per headset

Additional pricing options available, for more information contact your sales consultant.

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