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MCI Student Library

Spark a passion for reading!
Intervention Appropriate Grades 6–8+

Spark a passion for reading!
High-interest topics—low readability
Variety of genres to prepare struggling students for diverse narrative and informational texts
Engaging trade-book style

  • Graphic Novels
  • Fiction
  • Nonfiction

Graphic Novels present a limited amount of text and exciting graphics, a great starting point for older struggling readers. These books are a great tool for increasing motivation while providing an opportunity for independent reading.

Title Readability Grade
A Call in the Wild 1
The Quest of Perseus 2
Pyramid Scheme 2
Racing Rivals 2
The Return of the Golden Hawk 2
The Worst Day Ever 2
Riverside’s Most Talented 2
Something Strange in Southville 2
Recipe for Disaster 2
The Quest of Perseus

Fiction titles feature compelling plots and strong characters that adolescents can related to. Their trade book “look’ will appeal to older struggling readers.

Title Readability Grade
Making It Work 2
Rosa’s Journey 2
Earthquake! 2
Strike Three! 2
Astrobat Challenge 2
A Year of Change 3
Out of the Park 3
Henry Carter’s Escape 3
The Bracelet in the Attic 3
Out of the Dark

Nonfiction titles connect with content-area curriculum from science, social studies, and literature. These books help prepare students for the informational texts they will encounter throughout their academic careers.

Title Readability Grade
Snowboards 3
Phineas Gage 3
Women Win the Vote 3
Exploring Mars 4
Stone by Stone 4
Hello? Are You There? 4
Marooned on an Island 4
Antarctica 4
At the Scene of the Crime 4
The Little Rock Nine 4
The World of Television 4
Feel the Music 4
Faster, Higher, Stronger 5
A Record of War 5
Art for All 5
The Detective Story Handbook 5
The Great White Hurricane 5
Puzzles from the Past 5
At the Scene of the Crime

Pricing for MCI Student Library

Item #
Grade Range
1–5 6+
4069-W1 Student Library AQUA—A Call in the Wild (6 pack) GN 6–12 50.35
4067-W1 Student Library AQUA—The Quest of Perseus (6 pack) GN 6–12 50.35
4068-W1 Student Library AQUA—Pyramid Scheme (6 pack) GN 6–12 50.35
4070-W1 Student Library GOLD—Racing Rivals (6 pack) GN 6–12 50.35
4071-W1 Student Library GOLD—The Return of the Golden Hawk (6 pack) GN 6–12 50.35
4072-W1 Student Library GOLD—The Worst Day Ever (6 pack) GN 6–12 50.35
4073-W1 Student Library CRIMSON—Riverside’s Most Talented (6 pack) GN 6–12 50.35
4074-W1 Student Library CRIMSON—Something Strange in Southville (6 pack) GN 6–12 50.35
4075-W1 Student Library CRIMSON—Recipe for Disaster (6 pack) GN 6–12 50.35
4098-W1 Starter Set Graphic Novel (1 ea. of 9 titles) 6–8+ 75.50
4101-W1 Reader Class Set Graphic Novel (6 Starter Sets) 6–8+ 384.80
4094-W1 Student Library AQUA-GOLD-CRIMSON—Complete Starter Set (1 ea. of 36 titles)
1–5 pricing: 233.15
6+ pricing: —

1 each of all Aqua, Gold, and Crimson library titles. Total of 36 books.

6–12 233.15
4095-W1 Student Library AQUA-GOLD-CRIMSON—Complete Class Set (6 ea. of 36 titles)
1–5 pricing: 1315.85
6+ pricing: —

6 each of all Aqua, Gold, and Crimson library titles. Total of 216 books.

6–12 1315.85
Total $0.00

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