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Claims to Fame 1

Claims to Fame 1 contains 12 biographies of people from a variety of careers. The following biographies are included:
• Sibbell Ludington
• Walter Mosley
• Rosa Bonheur
• Susan Baer
• Fiorello La Guardia
• Jessie Tarbox Beals
• Roger Tory Peterson
• Bessie Coleman
• Amanda Clement
• Ruben Blades
• Martine Kempf
• Yo-Yo Ma

The brief stories, running from one-and-a-half to three pages as the series advances, are accompanied by black-and-white photos showing the person or his or her work. Three exercises - Thinking about What You Have Read, Working with Words, and Writing Skills - check comprehension, expand vocabulary, and offer writing opportunities.

Skills Addressed
• Prereading focus
• Factual recall
• Critical interpretation
• Response to writing prompts
• Comprehension strategies
• Literal recall questions
• Inferential questions
• Synonyms and antonyms
• Similes
• Homophones
• Affixes
• Suffixes
• Critical thinking
• Responding to passages in writing
• Vocabulary development
• Test preparation
• Writing development
About Claims to Fame: This engaging three-book series of short biographies will help students learn about diverse people as they develop reading, thinking, and writing skills useful for succeeding on standardized tests.