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Research shows good listeners are good readers. Our carefully curated collection captures students’ attention and helps teachers illustrate important curriculum points. Practicing good listening skills, while challenging students to think about the world, will connect what they are learning in school to the real world.

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The best stories connect students to the real world to improve knowledge retention and get students talking. This story about a theatrical adaptation of Animal Farm in modern day China is one of our favorites!

Listenwise Content

Current Events

Current events create a powerful connection between students lives’ and historical events. New current events are posted every other day, and debates are featured every Friday.

Sample content

Children in Migrant Crisis in Europe

Should we Preserve Sites that Have a Shameful Past?

Searching for the Next Killer Virus


Leverage listening and reading comprehension with carefully selected audio stories that have a direct connection to ELA curriculum.

Sample content

Animal Form and Satire

Defining and Understanding Heroism

Edgar Allen Poe Still Captures the Imagination


Build cross-curricular connections with a variety of topics. Science topics include: ecosystems, earth and space, animal behavior, and more.

Sample content

Intersteller Travel on Voyager

Bee Deaths and Crop Consequences

Cooking up a Super Volcano

Social Studies

Connect students emotionally to historical content through authentic voices. Social studies curriculum spans Ancient History, World History, US History, and Civics/Government.

Sample content

Elie Wiesel's Night

Fighting the Fugitive Slave Act

Japanese Internment–Injustice or Wartime Necessity?

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