Advance Your English Learners

Our literacy supports make academic language accessible without reducing rigor for ELs and low performing readers.

Interactive transcripts, tiered vocabulary, and reduced speed audio improve comprehension and expand vocabulary. The authentic audio stories are perfect for advancing intermediate and advanced English Learners.

Authentic Academic Language

  • Academic vocabulary in context
  • Real variations in speaker intonation rate, turn taking, and pronunciation
  • Slowed audio feature for comprehension

Scaffolded Instruction

  • Building background
  • Close listening routines
  • Oral language practice
  • Tiered vocabulary

Listening Support

  • Interactive transcripts
  • Slower audio option
  • Active listening organizers
  • Speakers guide

Rigorous Content

  • Language lessons integrated into ELA, social studies, and science
  • Middle and high school standards-aligned content lessons
  • Meet the needs of all students

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