MCI Comprehension

The Student Edition contains high-interest fiction and nonfiction texts designed for struggling readers. Students interact with and mark texts. The Teacher's Edition provides direct, systematic, research-based instruction of comprehension skills in the context of a strategic approach to reading that progresses from modeling, to guiding, to coaching, to independent application. Each lesson includes before, during, and after reading support with point-of-use teaching techniques and reminders about when to administer assessments.

MCI Online

MCI Online's adaptive software branches students into one of two paths for individualized instruction. Students receive interactive comprehension instruction and practice, with scaffolded support from an animated Helper Guide. Regular online assessments check student progress and easy-to-use reports are available in the online Management System.

MCI Word Study

MCI Word Study is designed to give added support to students who struggle with decoding or have vocabulary deficits that affects their reading progress. Lessons include decoding strategies, syllable patterns, word parts (prefixes, suffixes, base words and roots), and word meaning.

MCI Writing

MCI Writing incorporates the Six Traits as it uses modeling and the writing process to help students create a story or essay with the same text structure or genre as the corresponding unit in their Student Editions.

MCI Student Library

These high-interest paperbacks provide an independently-read capstone experience, giving students the opportunity to apply the newly learned focus skill and use multiple strategies.

12 books per level including fiction, nonfiction, and graphic novels.