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MCI Assessment


Students take the MCI Pre- and Post-Tests: Placement and Progress Monitoring Using The Lexile Framework® for Reading at the beginning of their MCI intervention and at the end of each level. Short, three-minute Maze Tests occur biweekly for more frequent progress monitoring. And Unit Skill Tests check progress with the focus skills at the beginning, middle, and end of each unit. Optional assessments are also available.

MCI Personalized Lobby

Personalized Lobby

Students access their current MCI assignments on a video monitor in the lobby. They can open their lockers to view Video Introductions, Interactive Skill Lessons, My Words Cards, and Skill Cards, or to customize their smart-phone Helper Guide. Unit Completion Certificates are accessed via the Trophy Case.

MCI Teacher-Led Instruction

Teacher-Led Instruction

After students watch a video introduction to build background for the unit, the teacher guides them through texts and activities in their Student Editions.

MCI Individualized Instruction and Practice

Individualized Instruction and Practice

Adaptive software ensures that students are reading texts that are challenging but not frustrating, and receiving the appropriate degree of support and corrective feedback from the Helper Guide.

MCI Compare/Contrast
Try the Interactive Skill Lesson
on Compare and Contrast.
MCI Compare/Contrast
Try the Interactive Skill Lesson
on Synthesizing Information.

Interactive Skill Lessons

Interactive Skill Lessons reinforce teacher-based instruction with fun videos about real-world situations related to the unit skill.

MCI Differentiation with Coordinated Components

Differentiation with Coordinated Components

Depending on students' needs, MCI offers coordinated lessons in word study and the writing process, and support for helping students apply comprehension skills and strategies in their independent reading.