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Stepping Stones 1

In Book 1, the focus is visual. Students are asked to examine a series of 4 - 9 pictures, determine the relationship between them, choose an item that could be the next logical item in the sequence, and draw their answer. The sequences range from rote skills (e.g., alphabetical order) to ab patterns to more complex abc and aab patterns. The back of each puzzle page is blank so students with less-refined fine motor skills have enough space for their work. Simple, engaging line art invites students to color the images in the puzzles. Perforated pages facilitate sending work home for parents to see.

Skills Addressed
Language Skills
• Alphabet sequencing
• Beginning sounds
• Capital and lowercase letters
• Compound words
• Ending sounds
• Letter recognition
• Letter-sound association
• Rhyming
• Singular and plural noun forms
• Syllables
• Verb tense

Math Skills
• Counting (rote, skip)
• Even and odd numbers
• Lines
• Measurement
• Numeral recognition
• Ordinal numbers
• Sets
• Shapes
• Time
Concept Words
• In
• Out
• On
• Above
• Below
• Opposite
• Right side up
• Upside down
• Up
• Down
• Before
• After
• Right
• Left

Science Concepts
• Colors
• Living/nonliving
• Seasons
• Temperature
• Textures
• Tools
• Weather
Stepping Stones workbooks introduce critical thinking skills students will use throughout their academic careers. The exercises are visually appealing and task-oriented, and there is a strong emphasis on the ability to justify and explain answers.