About The Program

Students expand and reinforce learning as they create their own guide to content-area units. Creating their own guides helps students meet state standards for obtaining, sequencing, and categorizing information, as well as creating written and visual material. The finished books also serve as authentic assessments that document students’ accomplishments and progress over time.
My American GeoJourney (Grades 2–5)
Topics include map vocabulary, American regions, capital cities, natural resources, land forms, and more.
My Worldwide GeoJourney (Grades 3–6)
Topics include map vocabulary, continents, land forms, bodies of water, countries, capitals, natural wonders, and more.
My Guide to Our Community (Grades 2–3)
Topics include local environment, habitat, neighborhood, people in the community, civic jobs, and more.
My Guide to Our State (Grades 3–4)
Topics include state overview, facts, flag, habitats, weather, history, places and people, government, and more.
My Guide to the U.S.A. (Grades 4–6)
Topics include U.S. overview, habitats and regions, history, land, resources, people, places, government, and more.
My Guide to Current Events (Grades 5–8)
Topics include current events summaries, news reports (expository writing), editorials (persuasive writing), reviews (critical analysis and response), and more.
My Guide to the American Revolution (Grades 4–7)
Topics include colonial life, Declaration of Independence, George Washington, the war years, and more.
My Math Journal (Grades 3–5)
The journal provides writing lines for mathematical problems and solutions, plus space for calculations, illustrations, or other visual thinking.