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Literacy Program - Linkage Papers

The Literacy Program Linkage Papers (8.5" x 14", 34 sheets per pad) are available for student use. On each page is a large letter or letter combination in cursive. There is room for the student to copy this combination 7 times. The corresponding lesson number is also indicated on each page. A materials list for each lesson references the use of the Linkage Papers.

Please note that the Linkage Papers for the Literacy Program are not compatible with the Dyslexia Training Program. For the Dyslexia Training Program Linkage Papers, please contact the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital at 800.421.1121 x7800.

Part of the TSRH Literacy program. Designed as a one-year literacy course consisting of 160 one-hour videotaped lessons accompanied by student workbooks, designed for those who read below sixth-grade level. It teaches the alphabet, reading, cursive writing, spelling, and listening comprehension.