EPS Phonics PLUS® Readers

A reading program that combines research with classroom-tested strategies

 Grades K–3

EPS Phonics PLUS decodable readers give students the opportunity to apply newly acquired phonics skills to connected text. A blend of fiction and non-fiction, these vibrant and colorful books will engage beginning readers. Children will also gain confidence reading enjoyable stories that are skills appropriate.

Utilize these enjoyable readers in your classroom to build automaticity and fluency, two elements that are crucial to developing reading comprehension. Comprehension questions are included at the end of each reader for further reinforcement. Practice with EPS Phonics PLUS readers will support students as they become involved and independent readers.

Program Overview

EPS Phonics PLUS


Decodable Readers Map

Sample Lessons

Level K: Table of Contents Level K: Lesson 30 Level K: Lesson 36 Level K: Lesson 38 Level K: Reader 4, Ant's Mitten Level A: Table of Contents Level A: Lesson 20 (short a) Level A: Lesson 21 (short a) Level A: Lesson 22 (short a) Level A: Lesson 23 (short a) Level A: Lesson 24 (short a) Level A: Lesson 25 (short a) Level A: Reader 3, Hungry Raccoons Level B: Table of Contents Level B: Lesson 56 Level B: Lesson 57 Level B: Reader 6: Climb Aboard! Level C: Table of Contents Level C: Lesson 55
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State Standards
  • Ohio