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Pen Pals - EPS Phonics PLUS Decodable Reader Level B - Fiction - Pack of 6


In Pen Pals, discover what Fran learns when writing to her pen pal.
Level B

This vibrant and enjoyable decodable reader provides students the opportunity to apply their newly learned phonics skills to connected text while they practice and build fluency. Phonetic concepts and sight words are listed on the inside back cover, along with a comprehension question to extend students' thinking.

Practice with Phonics PLUS readers will support students, as they become involved and independent readers.

Page Count: 16
Use After: Level B – Lesson 19

Skills Addressed Sight Words
  • s-blends
  • digraph ph
  • homophones write/right, know/no, see/sea
  • this
  • that
  • where
  • then


Phonics PLUS is for all tiers of instruction and includes text, poems, plays and decodable readers in an engaging and interactive program that provides instruction within the context of regular classroom activities.