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EPS Phonics PLUS Readers Starter Set A (1 each of 10 titles)


Decodable Readers give children a chance to read narrative and expository books and to practice and reinforce their newly acquired phonics and sight word skills in context. Reading these books gives students a chance to enjoy reading at a skills-appropriate level and to feel a sense of accomplishment.

  This item includes 1 of each of the 10 Level A readers
  Individually authored and richly illustrated
  Reinforcement and review of concepts
  Practice with comprehension and sight words

Set A Scope and Sequence:

  Initial and final blends
  Long vowel sounds
  Hard and soft c and g
  r-controlled vowels
  Vowel digraphs
  Vowel diphthongs

Final consonant sounds

  Medial short vowel sounds
  Final consonant digraphs
  Compound words
  CVC, CVVC, and CVCe words
  y as a vowel
  Broad a
  Silent letters



Phonics PLUS is for all tiers of instruction and includes text, poems, plays and decodable readers in an engaging and interactive program that provides instruction within the context of regular classroom activities.