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EPS Phonics PLUS Teacher Resource Package K

The EPS Phonics PLUS Teacher Resource Package K provides a user-friendly design for the classroom teacher, and includes:

  Teacher’s Edition: this guide provides detailed lesson plans in a wrap-around format to match every activity in the Student Book. Each lesson includes a rich resource of Center activities, providing further practice and application opportunities for the day’s lesson. Center activities focus on Alphabet, Art/Writing, and Language. Also included are:

Point-of-use instruction and modifications for English language learners

  Reteach and reinforcement
  Challenge activities
  Multisensory/kinesthetic learning
  Pre- and post- tests for every unit.
  Literature Connections to extend lessons
  Picture Glossary: your own copy of the student resource that presents words encountered in Student Book reading selections in picture dictionary format. A great tool for English language learners and for vocabulary building activities.


Phonics PLUS is for all tiers of instruction and includes text, poems, plays and decodable readers in an engaging and interactive program that provides instruction within the context of regular classroom activities.