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EPS Phonics PLUS Readers Class Set C (6 each of 4 titles)


Decodable Chapter Books give students the opportunity to practice and reinforce newly acquired phonics and sight word skills in the context of narrative and expository chapter books. Reading these chapter books gives students a chance to enjoy reading text at a skills-appropriate level and to feel a sense of accomplishment.

  This item includes 6 of each of the 4 Level C chapterbooks
  A balance of fiction and nonfiction text
  Reinforcement and review of concepts
  Practice with comprehension and sight words
  Nonfiction text features: Table of Contents, Index, Glossary

Set C Scope and Sequence:

  Au/aw; oy/oi
  Sounds of ch, sh, tch
  3-letter blends
  r-controlled vowels
  Open and closed syllables
  Base words
  Suffixes: -er, -or, -ist, plurals
  Prefixes: dis-, un-, mis- re-, in-, im-; numeric prefixes
  Verb endings -ed, -ing
  Possessives with apostrophe
  Final -le
  Irregular past tense

Multisyllabic words


Phonics PLUS is for all tiers of instruction and includes text, poems, plays and decodable readers in an engaging and interactive program that provides instruction within the context of regular classroom activities.