About the Program

Expand vital reading comprehension skills!

This multi-genre collection prepares students to analyze and interpret diverse fiction and nonfiction, content-area texts. Genres include fables, biographies, geography, space exploration, ecology, myth, travel, heros, and much more! Readers  include activities for before and after reading.

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Readers include:

  • A purpose-setting question
  • A graphic organizer
  • Follow-up comprehension questions
  • A writing activity

Program Overview

Making Connections

Sample Lessons

Book 1: Unit 1, Text 6 Reader, Desert Tortoise Book 2: Unit 4, Text 6 Reader, Carlsbad Cavern Book 3: Unit 4, Text 6 Reader, Ready, Set, Puppy! Book 4: Unit 1, Text 6 Reader, Gulmamadak the Great Book 5: Unit 5, Text 6 Reader, The Astonishing Book Book 6: Unit 3, Text 6 Reader, The Mysterious Disappearance o
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Research Paper

Research Paper