S.P.I.R.E.® Decodable Readers

About The Program

A Robust Library of Fiction and Nonfiction

This extensive library of 120 decodable readers covers topics in science, social studies, and literature. Multiple reading selections for every concept allow students to apply new phonics skills to connected text.  Students are exposed to a variety of genres including biographies, poetry, Greek myth, science and social studies articles, and much more!

S.P.I.R.E. Illustrated Decodable Readers: 
  • Present captivating topics and illustrations to engage readers
  • Utilize texts that are appropriate for students' reading skills
  • Bridge learning from decoding to fluency and comprehension
  • Initiate success and build confidence
  • Supplement any reading program

Skill Sequence
    Level 1   a, i, o, u, e, sh, ch, th, wh, -ng, -nk
  Level 2 ff, ll, ss, al, wa, qu, ck, tch, vCe
  Level 3 open syllable, ild, old, ind, ost, oll, ay, -ed, -s,-es,-ing, Twin &
Non-Twin Consonant Syllable Division, ou, a-
  Level 4 ea, -le, oa, ai, ee, oo, igh, ie
  Level 5 Soft c & g, /er/, dge, s = /z/, ow, oe, or,ar
  Level 6 a-, -able, ph, ought, aught, ue, ew, tu, oi, oy, aw, au, ey, kn, wr, mb, gh, gu, -age, Open Syllable


Program Overview

Program Overview

Sample Lessons

Night Flight (from Set 4B)

S.P.I.R.E. Workbook Samples

Level 1A Level 2A Level 3A Level 4A Level 5A Level 6A
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Additional Resources

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