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Preventing Academic Failure (PAF) First Steps In Reading

First Steps In Reading is the first step in a child's reading education. It provides beginning readers with a solid foundation in understanding how print works.

First Steps In Reading contains activities for teaching sound/symbol association, blending, word recognition, reading, spelling and handwriting, including reading individual words, phrases, sentences, and connected text. These activities are based on validated research and reflect the best current educational practices.

Additional information about the PAF program, including a schedule of workshops and courses, is available at


The book bridges the gap between phonemic awareness (an understanding that words are made up of sounds) and beginning reading.
Children learn to write each new letter as they learn its sound.
Each new sound is immediately used to read and spell words. This is different from conventional instruction in which the 26 sounds of the alphabet are taught in isolation before they are used in real words.
First Steps In Reading can be used with any beginning reading program.

About PAF Series: This program helps all students succeed with handwriting. This remarkable program is designed to help all students – including those with graphomotor weaknesses – write easily and legibly.