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Preventing Academic Failure (PAF) Stepping Up In Reading 1


Children will love reading when they can do it effortlessly! Use the Stepping Up In Reading books to develop accuracy and fluency so that children understand what they read.

Stepping Up In Reading: Building Accuracy and Fluency Book 1 contains word, phrase, and sentence lists that provide practice in decoding, word recognition, and expressive reading. The phonetically controlled lists contain only short vowels, blends, and a number of sight words and follow the sequence in the PAF program.

Additional information about the PAF program, including a schedule of workshops and courses, is available at


Skills Addressed
Short vowels and consonants (big, run, hot)
Short vowels with final blends, sh, ch and th (jump, bath, wish)
Short vowels in two syllable words (happen, lesson, rocket)
Compound words (laptop, backpack, himself)
The suffixes s, ing, ed, er, and es (thinking, rushed, fixes)
20 sight words (was, they, said)
About PAF Series: This program helps all students succeed with handwriting. This remarkable program is designed to help all students – including those with graphomotor weaknesses – write easily and legibly.