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A Spelling Dictionary for Writers

A Spelling Dictionary for Writers is a comprehensive but accessible reference tool for improving students’ compositions and encouraging self-sufficient and resourceful writers. This book lists over 5,000 frequently used words and accounts for 95% of many middle-school level vocabularies.

This volume features new sections for more advanced writers, including a more comprehensive thesaurus, offering unique alternatives for overused words and expressions. Thematic lists help with writing in the middle school curriculum, and word banks for religions and holidays, sports and activities, family and relatives, and other themes will appeal to writers with modern interests.

Skills Addressed
• Spelling
• Dictionary and reference skills
• Homonyms
• High-frequency words
• Commonly confused words
• Overused words
• Content area vocabulary
• Writing and word choice
About Spelling Dictionary: Based on studies of spelling and vocabulary, these handy reference books contain the most frequently used and misspelled words for students at these grade levels.