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Building Mathematical Thinking - Student Journal 3


Book 3 is suitable for fifth graders and covers number theory: primes, composites, multiplication of whole numbers, division of whole numbers, addition and subtraction of fractions, decimals and place value, ratio-intro to percents, measurement and metrics, geometry including solids, multiplication and division of fractions, and multiplication and division of decimals. Each lesson begins with an example equation or problem with the steps for completing it written out. Many examples are illustrated for visual reinforcement of the concept. Students are often asked to seek and write down "patterns" or "secrets" they notice in these examples that may help them when they are completing the exercises that follow.


Building Mathematical Thinking takes each concept from the mathematics curriculum for grades 3-6 and breaks it down into a series of small easy-to-grasp increments. Completing these short lessons daily gives students a sense of accomplishment.