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It's Elementary! Book 1

The 275 word problems in Book 1 of It’s Elementary! give students a 4-step process for problem-solving. The acronym TINS stands for Thought, Information, Number Sentence, and Solution Sentence. Each math process is introduced with key words that students can use in deciding what procedure is called for. A work space accompanies each problem. The first 5 problems offer captivating illustrations that enable students to visualize the heart of the problem and that represent children of diverse ethnic backgrounds.

At the beginning of each section, the TINS method is described and an example problem appears, followed by the following components:

1. Try It Out: 10 easy problems, the first 5 of which include illustrations

2. On Your Own: 10 slightly more difficult problems

3. Take the Challenge: 20 problems that range in difficulty from easy to challenging

4. Write Your Own I: An example problem followed by 3 problems that provide information which students then use to write their own word problems

5. Write Your Own II: 5 problems that ask students to write their own word problems

6. Explain: An example problem followed by 2 word problems that students solve and then write an explanation describing their problem-solving strategy

Two Mixed Practice sections of 20 problems appear in the book. The first is Addition/Subtraction Mixed Practice. The second is Multiplication/Division Mixed Practice. A Final Mixed Review has 22 problems and covers all 4 operations.

The end matter includes a page of large operation symbols, in which students may write key words.

About It's Elementary. A reliable method for analyzing and solving math word problems, this series teaches students to identify key words, draw pictures, and disregard unnecessary information. It covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.