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Designed to help K–5 students master the Common Core State Standards!


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MathCoach® Interactive offers a blend of instructional tools, interactive lessons, virtual manipulatives, adaptive independent practice, games, and printable worksheets—so that students follow individual learning paths adapted to their math needs and skill levels.

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MathCoach Provides
  • An abundance of engaging CCSS aligned instruction, and skills practice
  • Opportunities to use the CCSS Mathematical Practices
  • Reports on student CCSS Mastery

Grade Level Learning

The Grade Level Learning Path is a year-long curriculum, organized into 28 weekly segments with four lessons per week including pre-and post-esting. Use this resource to supplement your daily planning.
Topic Progression
The Topic Progressions Path trace each concept across grade levels in a scaffolded sequence of skills. The program is designed to assess, prescribe, and deliver instruction tailored to each student, and then reassess to monitor growth toward mastery.
Vivid examples and creative activities help students develop knowledge of  different concepts and the proper procedures to use.

Skills Practice
Skills Practice is great for building fluency! MathCoach Interactive includes loads of printable or electronic worksheets, activities, and games by skill. Students can be self-directed and monitor their own progress.

Online practice games automatically score and report student's responses to monitor their success.

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