About The Program

Online Universal Screening and Progress Monitoring

Utilize this online assessment system for a fast and accurate measure of students’ reading proficiency. This powerful tool reduces testing time and helps administrators manage consistent screening and progress monitoring across an entire district.

  • Universal Screening: Efficiently screen large groups of students at one time.
  • Progress Monitoring: Monitor at-risk students against their goals.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Use real-time data to make instructional decisions.

"A major priority for us was taking away the number crunching. EPS was the best at managing student data, least demanding on students and teams..."
                                                                -Patti Wilson, RTI District Coordinator



Professional Development for Path Driver for Reading

Path Driver for Reading Overview Video  Overview Video

Research Foundation

Path Driver for Reading is backed by over 25 years of reading research. The program uses oral reading fluency and maze tests—recognized as the most relevant and accurate curriculum–based measures of reading proficiency.