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Navigating Fake News in the Classroom Using Listenwise's Real World Podcasts

About this Presentation

Learn how to spot fake news and train students to be educated news consumers. Monica Brady-Myerov, CEO and Founder of Listenwise, will share some approaches to teaching media literacy, and provide resources and strategies that teachers can use to discuss fake news with your students.

Working with students to critically evaluate the accuracy, meaning, and power of informational text has never been more important. Listenwise is the only listening program that offers current event topics and content-area specific podcasts from legitimate media sources.

With these real world stories, students can develop their listening comprehension and active listening skills. Learn how you can help prepare students for WIDA testing and other listening assessments that have a listening component with Listenwise's listening comprehension quizzes.

You will learn

  • Approaches to teach media literacy
  • What challeneges might arise when discussing fake news with your students
  • How Listenwise is an effective way to offer state-aligned current events and content-area topics to help students practice listening skills

About the Speaker

Monica Brady-Myerov

Founder and CEO of Listenwise

Founder and CEO of Listenwise

Monica Brady-Myerov is the founder and CEO of Listenwise, and 25-year veteran public radio journalist.

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