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Target Critical Skill Gaps and Build Foundational Math Skills with Individualized Intervention Solution

About this Webinar

Learn about Academy of MATH®, an intensive, online intervention program for students struggling with math.

Students learn using a structured and sequential approach to build mastery of the foundational skills.  The result is greater confidence and success through learning increasingly more challenging content.

Valerie Russell provides an overview of the program and share personal experiences she has had with customers who are implementing the program in their schools and districts.

Learn how Academy of MATH helps students make permanent gains with
  • Research-based curricula that develops procedural fluency
  • Personalized instruction that gives every student exactly what they need
  • Real-time, formative data that drives instruction
  • Flexible pacing that fits into a variety of schedules - 30 minutes, 3-5 days per week

About Academy of MATH

"Students who completed 40% of the program saw their ability jump by 2.5 levels, which is unheard of... More importantly, a year later we looked at their report cards because they weren't doing Academy of MATH any longer and 28 out of 30 students were passing grade 9 math. So students who before would have failed were now passing math, which is huge for us."

Judy Payne, Head of Special Education

About the Speaker

Valerie Russell

Professional Services Specialist

Implementation & Professional Services Specialist

Valerie Russell has been with EPS Literacy and Intervention since 2007 as a Mathematics and RTI Specialist for school districts across the nation. Her role includes guiding EPS customers, including district administrators, principals, and teachers, through the implementation-planning process for RTI models. Valerie holds a Bachelor's of Science degree in Mathematics Education and a Master's of Education in Curriculum and Instruction. She is certified in Oklahoma and Texas for secondary mathematics and has 12 years of classroom experience.

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