A full range of support to prepare students for the rigor and types of questions they'll encounter on high-stakes state assessments.

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Coach Practice Tests,

PARCC & Smarter Balanced Summative Assessment Edition

Designed to help students become familiar with the tests’ increased rigor as well as to provide teachers with the ability to measure student progress, these booklets are sure to increase proficiency rates on either the PARCC or Smarter Balanced Assessments.

Coach books

Performance Coach Practice Tests,

Enhanced Item Types

The enhanced item types featured in Coach Practice Tests are the best option for digital test preparation. The tests provide a full range of support for the next-generation tests your state administers.

  • Designed to help students prepare for digital assessments through the use of enhanced item types such as multiple-select, 2- and 3-part, and sorting.
Coach books

Coach Practice Tests,

Practice with the types of questions that appear in high-stakes state assessments provides all the rigor that students require for test success.

  • Multiple-choice, two-part, and open-ended items and scoring rubrics for evaluating students' writing.
  • The answer key includes Distractor Analysis.

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