Explore curated articles addressing various aspects of dyslexia and find out how leaders and educators can help students with dyslexia succeed.

25 Tips for Supporting Students with Dyslexia

Discover 25 quick tips for supporting students with dyslexia and helping them thrive in a learning environment that promotes success for all students.
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Arizona District Implements the Science of Reading

Mesa Public Schools made great strides improving literacy skills among special education students through a new reading intervention program.
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Turning Pages: Literacy Intervention in New Mexico

In Las Cruces, New Mexico, district leaders launched a literacy intervention program focused on improving outcomes in early childhood education.
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See How NYC Addresses Dyslexia with S.P.I.R.E.

Learn how New York City is improving dyslexia support with comprehensive reading programs. See the report featured in the New York Times.
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A Phonological Awareness and Beginning Phonics Program: Sounds Sensible Research Paper

Learn how educators can support early readers and help them build literacy skills and achieve reading success.
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6 Tips for Dyslexia Awareness Month

Improve your dyslexia awareness with these six helpful tips for Dyslexia Awareness Month and beyond.
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Structured Literacy: Applying the Science of Reading

Based on the Science of Reading, Structured Literacy helps all students learn to read and is vitally important for students in Grades Kā€“2.
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3 Fun Activities for Building Academic Vocabulary

Empower students and educators with academic vocabulary for effective communication and future success through three engaging activities.
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Explicit Literacy Instruction: Systematic Solutions for Students with Dyslexia

Structured literacy guides struggling readers, including students with dyslexia, toward reading success.
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Using Structured Literacy to Improve Reading Proficiency

Unlock the story behind Cumberland County Public Schools' successful reading program. Structured literacy was the game-changer!
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How Does Multisensory Learning Help Struggling Students?

Find out how multisensory instruction helps struggling students make meaningful progress while enhancing learning and memory for all learners.
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Motivate Readers to Find Meaning While Decoding

Discover how decodable readers can help make a big difference in bridging the gap from decoding to fluency and comprehension.
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Structured for Success: the Orton-Gillingham Approach

The Orton Gillingham approach to reading is a phonics-based method for supporting struggling readers.
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