Help students keep learning this summer with literacy and math solutions for your school or districtā€™s summer program.

We have what your students need to keep learning this summer! Use these products with your school or district’s summer program or while students are on the go this summer. With user-friendly programs that focus on key skills, we have your students’ learning covered. Our resources can support an easy, fast implementation. Explore our recommendations below for a successful summer of mastering skills.

NEW! Junior Library Guild Read Aloud Stories with Readfetti Storybook Guides for Teachers

Grades K–1

In partnership with Junior Library Guild, Readfetti Storybook Guides for Teachers promote reading in classrooms and schools everywhere. Award-winning books, coupled with individual lesson plans, help students develop listening comprehension skills, vocabulary skills, and background knowledge, building a foundation for reading comprehension at a critical point in reading development. This collection, curated by the Junior Library Guild and paired with Readfetti Storybook Guides, can support any summer program to create a comprehensive reading instructional approach.

Coach Digital Compass

Grades 3–8

An online resource library of instruction, practice, and assessment for ELA & Math. Great for on-level practice, acceleration, or remediation, this digital resource supports teacher-led instruction in a summer school setting or independent practice throughout the summer. Assessments analyze summertime growth and inform future instruction. Filter through this online resource to narrow in on the exact skills you want to focus on or use a feature called Catch Up with Coach that will help to identify student learning gaps and provide instruction/practice suggestions to address those critical skills.

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Summer Counts!

Grades K–8

Keep your mind fit for the summer with Summer Counts. Students will review key skills in reading, language arts, and math from the previous grade and will get a head start on the next with engaging content and activities. For all grade levels, these theme-related exercises can be included in a “summer bookbag” or complement your summer program. We include perforated answer keys to assist parents with instruction if their student is on-the-go this summer. We also provide a recommended pacing guide for easy implementation. Stay ready through the summer with Summer Counts!

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Best Practices in Reading

Grades 1–8

Build reading comprehension with our user-friendly ELA program. Best Practices in Reading provides targeted instruction, in-depth text analysis, open-ended questions, comparing texts, main idea, identifying details and more. Fiction and nonfiction selections in each lesson offer thoughtful questions leading to critical thinking opportunities. We provide a recommended pacing guide for a 4- to 6-week summer program, so the planning is already done for you!

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Support Coach Math

Grades 1–8

Need help supporting your striving math students this summer? We’ve got you covered with scaffolded practice. Each level includes 20 full-color lessons that each target a critical skill and two prerequisite skills. The lessons are three steps: Plug In (foundational skill), Power Up (transitional skills), and Ready to Go (on-level skills). Teachers will also find support for multilingual students. Tackle math this summer with Support Coach Math!

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Common Core Clinics

Grades 1–8

Try out this teacher-led instruction developed to focus on essential ELA & Math skills this summer! Both our ELA series and our Math series segment the grade level requirements across three books per grade level. Common Core Clinics is research-based and has been designed using the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model that will give your students the confidence to move toward independence and mastery.

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Levels A–F

Hone in on reading strategies by zooming in with thorough lessons on reading comprehension. SPIRE Next provides skills-based, genre-based, direct instruction and practice in a thoughtful sequence. Each story includes three close reads covering critical skills. Each lesson includes multiple stories. Navigate through SPIRE Next easily with the color-coded path and deliver scaffolded practice to your students.

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