Reach Struggling Readers, Students with Dyslexia, and Nonreaders

EPS specializes in creating teaching materials to instruct students with Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD), including Dyslexia.

Our Tier 3 reading intervention programs and teaching materials are based on the latest reading research and the Orton-Gillingham Approach, the most effective multisensory teaching approach for nonreaders and struggling readers.

Our programs work because they
  • Designed for students with Dyslexia and other Specific Learning Disabilities
  • Employ a consistent and structured language approach
  • Are phonics-based and multisensory, based on the Orton-Gillingham Approach
  • Ensure students experience success from the very beginning

Step 1: Identification

Slingerland Screening Tests

Identify students who have a specific language-based learning disability or dyslexia

Grades K – 6
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Step 2: Instruction

Phonics-based, Multisensory Reading Intervention


Intensive, Multisensory Reading Intervention.
Available in print, hybrid, and online

Grades K – 6

Recipe for Reading

Intervention Strategies for Struggling Readers
Grades K – 6

Preventing Academic Failure

A Multisensory Curriculum for Teaching Reading, Spelling, and Handwriting
Grades K – 6

Phonemic Awareness & Phonics

Sounds Sensible

Phonological Awareness and Beginning Phonics
Grades Pre-K – 8

Explode The Code

Break Through the Code with Direct Phonics Instruction
Available in print and online

Grades Pre-K – 4


How to Teach Spelling

A structured and graded method to plan spelling lessons
Grades 1 – 12

Decodable Readers


A Robust Library of 120 Fiction and Nonfiction titles
Grades K – 8

Primary Phonics

Systematic Phonics for Beginning Readers
Grades K – 2

The Alphabet Series

Controlled text for beginning and struggling readers
Grades K – 6