Teacher's Editions

The Teacher’s Edition provides explicit, direct instruction for comprehension instruction. Using the scaffolded instructional support, the teacher leads students through the instruction and gradually releases responsibility to the student while accommodating different abilities.

A system for active reading using text marking helps students connect skills to specific elements in text.

A reproducible assessment text for each unit provides an additional reading passage and multiple-choice questions. Extension questions help students make connections between texts and beyond the text.

Student Books

The Student Books are organized in thematic units with fiction and nonfiction text passages. Multiple reading selections in each unit present spiraled curriculum and opportunity for the application of comprehension skills and strategies. “Practice the Skill” pages evaluate understanding of the target skills and strategies while assessing general comprehension.

Comprehension Library

Each unit in Making Connections culminates with a Comprehension Library title where students apply their newly aquired skills and strategies. This multi-genre collection prepares students to analyze and interpret diverse content-area topics.

Students are taught to incorporate text features such as indexes, glossaries,maps, table of contents, and captions into their understanding of the text. Readers include activities for before and after reading as well as writing exercises.

Audio Cds

Support your students with audio recordings of each text in their Student Book, including "Practice the Skill" pages.

Your students will hear:

  • Modeling of fluent reading, proper phrasing and pronunciation - including all texts, captions, diagrams, tables, and sidebars
  • Distinct voices for instructional material and for the texts as well as different characters in fictional stories
  • Texts read with expression, aiding students comprehension