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MORE Reading Comprehension 3

MORE Reading Comprehension Level 3 includes 25 selections in the following 6 subject areas. A sample passage title is given for each subject area:

Social Studies - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Science - Which is the Biggest Planet?
Philosophy, Logic, and Math - Rubber Sheet Geometry
Combined Subjects - Communicating with Outer Space
Literature and Language - Tyrannosaurus Rex
The Arts - Picasso

MORE Reading Comprehension follows the same 7-step format for presenting the passage as the Reading Comprehension books. Additonally, the books include a writing component that gives students practice in writing a short paragraph as well as a longer piece that requires them to think critically and explain their interpretation of the selection.

Skills Addressed
• Story recall
• Sequencing
• Identifying facts
• Drawing conclusions
• Vocabulary development
• Main idea
• Extending thoughts in writing
• Inference
Each workbook in the Reading Comprehension Series has selections covering social studies, science, literature, mathematics, philosophy, logic, language, and the arts.