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Stepping Stones 2

In Book 2, the focus of the puzzles shifts from being visual to being reading-based. Students work with six different types of puzzles:
1. Warm-up Exercise - students must eliminate one picture that does not belong in a set of four
2. Sentence Completions - students complete a sentence by choosing a pictured answer or drawing in one of their own
3. Inference Statements - students read a series of three or four short sentences and determine if the last sentence is true or false
4. Inference Questions - students read a series of two or three short sentences followed by a short question and determine if the answer to the question is yes or no or if they do not have enough information to answer the question
5. Sequencing Activities - students evaluate a sequence of events to determine if it is logical or not
6. Logic Problems - students choose a picture answer or write their own answers to short logic problems

Skills Addressed
Language Skills
• Alphabet sequencing
• Beginning sounds
• Capital and lowercase letters
• Compound words
• Ending sounds
• Letter recognition
• Letter-sound association
• Rhyming
• Singular and plural noun forms
• Syllables
• Verb tense
• Vocabulary development

Math Skills
• Counting (rote, skip)
• Even and odd numbers
• Lines
• Measurement
• Numeral recognition
• Ordinal numbers
• Sets
• Shapes
• Time
Concept Words
• In
• Out
• On
• Above
• Below
• Opposite
• Up
• Down
• Before
• After
• Right
• Left
• Same
• Different
• Top
• Bottom

Social Studies
• Community helpers
• Geography

Science Concepts
• Animals
• Colors
• Float/sink
• Living/nonliving
• Seasons
• Temperature
• Textures
• Tools
• Weather
Stepping Stones workbooks introduce critical thinking skills students will use throughout their academic careers. The exercises are visually appealing and task-oriented, and there is a strong emphasis on the ability to justify and explain answers.