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Primary Phonics Storybooks 1 - 6 Complete Starter Set

Discover great savings with this great storybook offer that includes 80 decodable readers!

  • Storybooks 1 (1 each of 10 titles: Mac and Tab,The Tin Man, Al, Tim, The Jet, Ben Bug, Ed, Meg, Ted, and The Wig)
  • Storybooks 1A (1 each of 10 titles: The Cab, Kim and Wag, The Van and the Hot Rod, Fun in the Mud, Hal and Nip, Cop Cat, The Wet Pup, The Cod and the Fat Cat, Del, and Gum on a Cat)
  • Storybooks 2 (1 each of 10 titles: Mac Gets Well, The Big Game, The Joke, The Cake, The Bee, The Goat, Sail, The Seal, Hide and Seek, and The Fire)
  • Storybooks 2A (1 each of 10 titles: Babe: the Big Hit, Make the Bed, Mole, A Ride on the Bus, The Lie, A Fine Coat, Cop Cat and the Mule, A Real Pal, Rose and Weed, and The Deer)
  • Storybooks 3 (1 each of 10 titles: Slide, The Plane Trip, Spot, The Prints, The Dream, The Best Gift, Mittens, The Sea Gull, The Lost Duck, and Max and the Fox)
  • Storybooks 4 (1 each of 10 titles: Fish Fun, The Chicken Ranch, Ring the Bell, The Lost Horse, The Little Skunk, The White Hen, The Go-cart, The Brave Hunter, The Birdfeeder, and The Hard Worker)
  • Storybooks 5 (1 each of 10 titles: The Pet Poodle, The Good Cook, Snow Fun, A Cow in Town,The Mouse House, The Shy Tiger, The Lost Wallet, Too Small, The Square Egg, and The Clumsy Rabbit)
  • Storybooks 6 (1 each of 10 titles: At the Fair with Cecil and Alice, Garbage Day with Paige, Hedgehog Lodge, Sollie, the Timid Puppy, A Class Trip with Miss Royal, The Mighty Mustangs, Phil and Stephanie, Paulette in Space, A Lucky Day for Andrew, A Birthday Surprise for Goldie)

Primary Phonics is a systematic, phonics-based early reading program that facilitates individualized instruction through flexible, skills-based workbooks and storybooks that correspond to students’ ability levels.