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Write about My World

Write about My World can be used after Write about Me or on its own as a prelude to the Just Write series. The drawing activities in Write about My World by Elsie Wilmerding continue to help children bridge the gap between thinking and talking about an idea and writing about it. Children broaden their choice of topics as they observe the world around them. Like Write about Me , the book features large spaces for drawing, student-centric illustrations, thematic word banks, and steps that lead young writers to add details to their writing and make content area connections. Students will find Words I Use When I Write a good tool for expanding their writing vocabulary . The book also offers an introduction to journals as a way to capture observations and possible writing ideas. My ______ Journal is a good companion piece. Some writing fundamentals such as kinds of sentences, capitalization, and punctuation are taught. All books in the series have illustrations by George Ulrich that lead students into writing with age-appropriate visuals.


Focuses on the students and their expanding surroundings and interests (school, community, outdoors, going places)

Encourages the use of pictures to spark ideas for writing
Encourages students to expand upon their pictures through writing
Promotes use of detail and description in writing through word banks and revision
Leads up to writing stories with the basic Beginning-Middle-End format
Introduces journal writing
Teaches some grammar basics

About Just Write: Help students become confident, expressive writers. This classroom-tested resource guides students through the writing process from initial idea to final edited and published narrative.