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Ridgewood Grammar 3

In Book 3, students review the parts of speech they learned in Books 1 and 2 and then move on to more advanced material. The new material helps students add life to their writing and encourages them to use more sophisticated forms. Through examples and exercises, students learn why grammar is important and how using it correctly will help them in reading, speaking, and writing. Exercises in the Final Review chapter allow students to show tangible results of what they’ve learned.

Skills Addressed
Reviews material from Books 1 and 2 and adds the following skills:
• Keeping verb tense consistent
• Predicate nouns and adjectives
• Concrete and abstract nouns
• Direct address
• Correct use ofI and me
• Understood subjects
• Coordinating and subordinating conjunctions
• Interjections
• Complex sentences
The Ridgewood Grammar series emphasizes the link between grammar study and clear, effective writing. The books introduce students in third, fourth, and fifth grades to a close study of the parts of speech and their functions in sentences.