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Writing Skills Book A


Reflecting research and best practices, instruction in this student book alternates between grammar and composition. Each concept is illustrated by examples, and writing models are provided throughout.

These exercises provide instruction and practice in the writing skills necessary for success in school and on standardized tests. In coordination with the Writing Skills Teacher's Handbook, the student books are ideal for differentiating instruction in the classroom.

Aligned with state and national standards, Writing Skills Book A addresses sentence structure and variety, audience and purpose, and paragraph skills.


Skills Addressed

Prewriting and organizing

Sentence structure and variety
Basic grammar
Giving details
Paragraph structure

Audience and Purpose

The types of writing
Writing letters
Editing and revising
Writing from prompts
This program is key to developing essential expository writing skills. It effectively helps educators teach essential skills in careful order, from parts of speech, to sentence structure, to paragraphs, to complete essays.