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Writing Skills Teacher's Handbook

An excellent resource for differentiating writing instruction in the classroom, the Writing Skills Teacher's Handbook explains how to teach writing through explicit instruction, models, and samples of student writing at various stages. Also includes cross-curricular applications, writing prompts, and discussion of state and national writing assessments.

Special sections in spelling, handwriting, and keyboarding help build fluency and confidence in young and struggling writers. Can be used without the student books as an excellent professional resource or with Writing Skills student books to practice skills addressed in grades 2 - 12.


Skills Addressed

Prewriting and organizing

Sentence structure and variety
Understanding audience and purpose
Writing from prompts
Paragraph structure
Essay writing
Thesis statement
Revising and Proofreading
Working with groups
Beginning and advanced grammar
Spelling skills
This program is key to developing essential expository writing skills. It effectively helps educators teach essential skills in careful order, from parts of speech, to sentence structure, to paragraphs, to complete essays.