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My American GeoJourney (32 pp.)

Supplement and enhance your social studies curriculum with this personal guide to United States geography. My American GeoJourney provides maps for students to label and grids for compiling information, plus prompts and lines for open-ended writing about American geography. A beginning section introduces students to map vocabulary. Then students go from region to region, learning and writing about each geographical region. Additional sections in My American GeoJourney help students learn about state capitals and landforms. My American GeoJourney serves as an authentic assessment that documents learning and progress over time, and students can personalize the front cover and “About the Author” page to increase ownership.

A teacher’s guide is available to download for free and contains valuable teaching tips, an answer key, and black-line masters for My American GeoJourney tickets that students can have punched as they move from region to region.

Skills Addressed
• Process Writing
• Expository Writing
• Vocabulary
• Research Skills
• Map Skills

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