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Preventing Academic Failure (PAF) Cursive Alphabet Picture Cards


Ideal for older and remedial readers! Cursive Alphabet Picture Cards contain handwriting models for upper- and lower-case cursive letters with illustrations of words corresponding to the sound of each letter.

Additional information about the PAF program, including a schedule of workshops and courses, is available at


Illustrations are appropriate for older students
(a for astronaut, not apple)
Key words contain the correct sounds of the letters
(o for octopus, not owl)
For letters with more than one sound, the most common one is taught first (g for guitar, not giraffe)
The initial sounds are easy to hear because blends are not used (t for telephone, not truck)

About PAF Series: This program helps all students succeed with handwriting. This remarkable program is designed to help all students – including those with graphomotor weaknesses – write easily and legibly.