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My Word Book


This personal word and picture book provides an initial list of 100 high-frequency sight words with accompanying illustrations, plus plenty of blank lines and picture boxes for new words and illustrations chosen by the student or teacher. Additional words can be selected from thematic units, lessons, literature, word walls, or other sources. A section in the back of the book provides pages for school words, the names of friends and family members, and other categoriesof words.

My Word Book helps students start making the link between words and images bylearning the “labels” for familiar objects in their world. The processof adding words that are relevant and personally meaningful engages studentsin learning and remembering. It also facilitates differentiated instruction byenabling each student to add words appropriate for that student. As studentsexpand the collection of words they recognize and use correctly, they gain confidenceand a sense of ownership of our language.


Skills Addressed
• Alphabetization
• Spelling
• Word recognition
• Vocabulary development
• Dictionary skills
About My Word Book: These personal dictionaries provide useful words for spelling and writing. The format facilitates differentiated instruction by enabling students at different levels to compile appropriate words using the same books. Available in English and Spanish.