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May Monthly Journal


The right-hand pages in My May Journal have an appropriately large area for illustrations at the top, with writing lines underneath that are the right size for beginning writers and have drop spaces to encourage proper letter formation. Facing each journal page is a blank left-hand page for spelling practice, graphic organizers, teacher’s comments, or additional writing. My May Journal provides enough of these two-page units for daily journal writing throughout the month, and the journal’s unique format makes writing easierand more enjoyable for beginning writers.

In addition, the inside front cover lists holidays and other appropriate wordsfor the month, while the inside back cover features other helpful words, includinghigh-frequency sight words. Blank lines on each inside cover enable studentsto add new words and create personalized word lists they can refer to quicklyand easily when writing.


Skills Addressed
• Narrative Writing
• Expository Writing
• Spelling
• Handwriting
Help students express their ideas and creativity with ingeniously designed journals that help your students organize their ideas while simultaneously fostering their creativity.