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More Word Works Grade 3-4


This word family book has sections to help students recognize and spell words that have the same prefix, suffix, or vowel sound. The phonetic element appears as a heading with two sample words underneath, plus blank lines where students add additional words from lessons, word walls, or other sources. The vowel section also contains an innovative cross-referencing system that helps studentsfind words regardless of whether the vowels are seen or heard.

The prefix, suffix, and vowel sections also provide blank headings and linesso that additional words can be added to supplement a specific curriculum orcustomize the book for particular students. In addition, there’s a sectionthat provides blank headings and lines for topic words, so students can practicefinding, recognizing, and spelling related words.


Skills Addressed
• Word Recognition
• Spelling
• Dictionary Skills
• Phonics
This series of three journals highlights important phonetic elements, empowers students to recognize and spell increasingly challenging words, and expands their vocabulary while increasing recognition and writing skills.